How To Pick The Right Durability

Outdoor Setting
Outdoor Setting

Outdoor living has become an essential part of our lifestyle now. People take care of their outdoor settings just like they do it indoors. However, the problem is people often fail to choose the right furniture for their outdoor setting, therefore, it is necessary to consider the durability of outdoor furniture in accordance with the environment of your area before making any choice. The requirements change from area to area, as Australia consists of various areas with varying weather and atmospheric conditions. There can be no one size fits all solution for different regions in Australia and around the world. You have to carefully consider the atmospheric conditions in your area and then figure out what type of outdoor furniture will provide ultimate durability there. It should be made sure that the furniture you are picking for your outdoors is capable of surviving weather elements and maintaining its shape and beauty for a longer time. Generally, these factors are dependent on the materials you choose and their quality. 

Here are some tips to help you in picking the right durable furniture for your outdoor living spaces:

Balcony Living:

It should be noted that requirements change from place to place. You can’t set up a similar setting in your balcony like the one you have in your garden. The consequences will prove that you have made the wrong decision. Thus, you need to consider the specific requirements of a balcony before picking furniture for it. First of all, you need to measure the entire space you have in your balcony and figure out the floor plan for your balcony. The outdoor furniture pieces placed in your balcony should be capable of surviving the sun, wind, and even rain. It is observed that teak is the most suitable material for balcony settings. You should avoid bringing plastic and lightweight furniture because it is not suitable for balcony and strong winds can create problems for your balcony living. Unless your balcony is enclosed and protected, these materials won’t survive. Choose neutral colors and textures for fabrics in the balcony setting. These fabrics should be able to survive the Australian climate. Make sure that these fabrics are not the ones that fade when they are exposed to the sun. If you don’t have any shade in your balcony, it is better to avoid laminates and metals for furniture because they get unbearably hot when exposed to sun, teak or mesh will be better. 

Coastal Air:

As we all know that Australia consists of areas with varying climates. The ones with coastal air need different kinds of furniture as compared to the other regions. Therefore, you need to consider a list of factors while shopping for outdoor furniture for areas with coastal air. Don’t buy low-grade metal furniture pieces for outdoor living in coastal conditions, these furniture pieces can rust and end up deteriorating earlier. In addition to corrosion issues, their glued joints may dislocate as well. If you want to have metal furniture in your outdoors then stainless or powder-coated steel is a feasible choice because of rust-resistance and toughness. Teak is one of the most durable materials when it comes to outdoor furniture. It can withstand weather elements in coastal climate regions and maintain its shape. It is resistant to wind, rust, and water. Mesh is another material that is capable of surviving the coastal climate and it is also extremely durable. It is resistant to UV rays that come with exposure to the sun. It handles mildew as well without getting affected. You can also clean it without much effort, all it needs is a water hose or a brush to remove or wash away the salt and sand stuck in it.


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