Luis Enrique is the protagonist of the Spanish national team

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For many, Spain was, but for some it is still boring and tedious, and even ten goals against Slovakia and Croatia do not change anything. Even before the Euro, she was criticized for her lack of killer instinct and senseless possession of the ball for the sake of possession. Nevertheless, “Red Fury” is already in the semifinals, because this team is as stubborn in a good way as its head coach Luis Enrique. And this man never looked for easy ways.
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The history of Enrique’s relationship with the national team, which he hosted after the disastrous 2018 World Cup for Spain, is a real drama. First of all – vital, because after the brightest beginning, where, among other things, there were 6: 0 against Germany in the League of Nations, the coach left the post for personal reasons. Lucho’s daughter was dying, and the need to be close to her family turned out to be more important than fulfilling her professional duties.
The initially implied return to the national team immediately after the Red Fury qualified for Euro 2020 turned into another difficult story. Lucio has completely ruined his relationship with his former assistant Robert Moreno, who has helped him since his coaching debut at Barcelona B. After a successful qualification, he wanted to remain at the head of the national team at the European championship and only then return to the position of an assistant.
This categorically did not suit Enrique, who called Moreno’s behavior a betrayal and brought the leadership of the Spanish federation out of the blow, saying that only he himself made the decision to dismiss the assistant. It is clear that not everyone in the team liked it, but the coach showed that he can make difficult and unpopular decisions. And this skill was required before Euro 2020, when not a single Real Madrid player was included in the application, which guaranteed constant pressure and criticism from Madrid.
At the same time, the coach was guided exclusively by football reasons, because Isco and Marco Asensio did not play enough for a place in the national team, and Dani Carvajal and Sergio Ramos suffered injuries. The ex-captain of Real Madrid was the most offensive of all, but it is difficult to reproach Enrique with any bias. On the contrary, in the spring, he stubbornly continued to challenge Ramos, not only believing in the best, but also giving him the opportunity to set a new record for the number of caps for the national team.
With Spain in the top 4 of a major tournament for the first time since its Euro 2012 triumph, Lucio may already feel like a moral winner. However, the appetite comes with eating, and now, until recently, the coach who refused to call his team a favorite says: “It is very foolish to think that we or any other semi-finalist will be satisfied with this result. We intend to get to the final and win it. ” Well, for Italy, Enrique has an outstanding account of 27 years ago – for the defeat in the quarterfinals of the 1994 World Cup.


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