SammyGift: Best Shanghai Flower Delivery Online Shop

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One of my best friends went to Shanghai last year as an exchange student, and she’s been there for a year, so I miss her a lot.

She is my best friend, I almost celebrated her almost every birthday with her, but this year, 2020, as everyone knows, I cannot go to China, but despite this, I don’t want to miss my good friend’s Every birthday, so I plan to find a flower delivery shop and give her a perfect birthday gift.

I know she likes flowers, so I started looking for suitable websites on the Internet and social media. At first, others recommended me some local e-commerce platforms, but I found that these platforms still need to register and bind a credit card. I think this is not It’s very convenient, so I posted a question on Quora, looking for some websites that are really suitable for foreigners to send flowers to Chinese people.

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I received a lot of answers, Although they basically meet my requirements, but some of them still had things I wasn’t satisfied with, such as the flowers and cakes on some sites I wasn’t very like, or the page design on some sites was cluttered and it was hard to find the items i liked.

In the end, among these websites, I chose the brand Sammygift. Although the website of sammygift is a new brand, it feels that their website is very professional, their products are various and the web design is very reasonable, which can be divided into cakes. And the delivery of flowers, which perfectly meets the preferences of my friend.

I browsed through the product reviews on this website and found that many look no different from the picture, and some even look better than the picture.At first I was worried about how to pay, but fortunately, this website supports paypal, which makes me feel that this is really a very professional website.My friend received it shortly after I placed the order.

The most important thing is that my best friend is satisfied with the cake and flowers I chose. The cake did not melt, the flowers look fresh, the packaging is also exquisite, the whole match is gorgeous, I finally know why people say they are the best flower and cake delivery website in Shanghai!my best friend After receiving it, all her classmates thought someone was proposing to

This is a very good shopping experience for me, this website is really awesome, and I wish every one can also find the best gift to your friends.


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