The Best TV Deals You Can Get


For the ones that still prefer to watch TV other than the streaming alternatives that are now so widely available and popular, finding the best TV deals for yourself really comes down to a lot of factors. There are many different providers operating within the same area so naturally, that calls for comparing each provider’s plan. 

What you should ideally be looking for is a reasonable and affordable price point, the channel count, if there are international or premium channels included, whether or not the provider has a mobile TV app or if it comes with an extensive library where you can choose content to watch from.

Find TV Deals on FirstEnergy 

FirstEnergy Home provides an easy means for homeowners to find out what packages and bundles are available specifically in their area and that too by which providers in particular. You would find that on the website, first-home TV bundles are listed down and it makes the comparison easier to do so. It even saves a lot of time that you would otherwise have spent doing your research. 

Best Providers to Get TV Deals From

Spectrum TV 

Spectrum is one of the most popular service providers in the US that offer internet, TV, and phone services to its customers. It caters to services ranging from residential to business – so there’s something for everyone. Here’s one of Spectrum’s best TV deals. 

For a price of $59.99 (monthly), Spectrum offers its customers the following: 125+ channels, over 85,000 On Demand titles to choose from, and the Spectrum TV App facilitating live stream TV and On Demand options. Let’s break these down for you so you know what you’re signing up for with Spectrum TV deals. 

Spectrum’s channel lineup includes everything from live sports to hit movies, premium networks, breaking news, and some international channels too. If you were to opt for their Mi Plan Latino, that would include over 75 Spanish TV channels.

Its On Demand library includes infamous blockbuster titles of movies, the top TV shows, and some of Spectrum Original content. But the best thing about Spectrum TV’s services is that every screen is a TV screen. You can watch live TV or any of the On Demand options on the Spectrum TV mobile app, its website, or of course on your TV. 

Optimum TV 

Optimum is a renowned name across the States, offering its customers TV deals for as low as $30. It includes all the necessary equipment needed and also offers its internet services with its bundles most of the time. 

Their TV deals are carefully curated to include something for everybody with TV channels ranging from 200 to over 420, with some of the best TV channels there are. They’ve got everything from Disney and Nickelodeon for kids, to CNN, ESPN, and HBO for adults. 

Optimum TV comes with built-in apps with the likes of Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube for instance so that it makes streaming easier for you. The ‘equipment’ that we mentioned earlier includes a voice-activated remote which allows you to navigate through the system using voice command. You can search for content or resume that TV show you were binge-watching, or switch back to live TV if you want to watch something different – and all with just speaking to the remote. 

An added bonus feature with Optimum TV is Cloud DVR which can simultaneously download about 15 different shows at a time.  It also features its own mobile app; the Optimum TV app, which lets you watch live TV and any of the On Demand or DVR download options on your smartphones.

A Hot Tip 

So here are a few things that we think everybody should be aware of. Firstly, contracts can be ironclad which means providers can claim termination fees from their customers should they wish to discontinue the services when the contract isn’t complete yet. That is why we would recommend that before signing up for any TV deals, read the fine print – it’s important. 

You probably wouldn’t want to go for a provider that has a termination fee clause in their contract because you never know if there may be better offers in the future from others. 

Other than that, a lot of providers offer a money-back guarantee to their customers. This is a great opportunity since it allows you to test out a particular service so you may see if it suits you or has everything that you’re looking for in a TV deal or even with an internet plan. It’s like a trial period before you subscribe for the main deal. 


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