Top Cryptocurrencies That Must Be Taken Seriously In 2020

Top cryptocurrencies that must be taken seriously in 2020
Top cryptocurrencies that must be taken seriously in 2020

2019 had been like heads and tail year for the cryptocurrency market. At one phase it experienced a steady rise, but on the other phase, it faced downside. Well, there is nothing to feel unusual about it, as volatility is the common factor in the crypto sphere. Bitcoin, the most dominating crypto asset, has experienced maximum upswing over the year. This shows the stability of the latter cryptocurrency, in being a dominating asset in all forms of markets. Today, you need to know about those top cryptocurrencies that must be taken seriously in 2020. 

If you are not abreast with Bitcoin news today, then you must have missed the fact that in the running year, 2020, the Bitcoin community is aiming towards ‘halving’. It is the core priority anticipated by the protocols to strengthen rules of financial issuance. Ethereum, one of the top cryptocurrencies, is sailing with the fast growth, and is predicting the initial phase of its newer version, ‘ETH2’ to instigate a portion of PoS (proof of stake), and also a process in creating a compliant pay by protocol securing for the owners of Ether. There are minor protocols like Cosmos and Tezos which are procuring friction. Whereas, decentralized applications having the base of Ethereum, like Livepeer, Aave and Kleros are eyeing on this current year to develop and to gather crucial mass.

Top Cryptocurrencies To Be Taken Seriously

There are some top cryptocurrencies, which needs to be taken seriously in 2020. Let’s see who are they:


Tezos stands among the top cryptocurrencies which must be taken seriously. This project was initiated by French teams and is in the race to prove its mettle as a prominent contender in the crypto arena. It emphasizes its programming mode in terms of accuracy and security, and most importantly the process of protocol updation. Hence, it is the onus upon the owners of XTZ to take a step on advancing the protocol. The confirmation of the protocol security is done by the system of Proof-of-Stake. It enables investors of ZTZ to click on and grab the financial development. 


It is impossible to exclude Bitcoin from the list of top cryptocurrencies that needs to be taken seriously. Bitcoin is popularly called as digital gold, and it has proven its worth over decades and has been sustaining its status as investment value. In the current year, Bitcoin halving will lead to the trimming of money generating from 12.5 to 6.25. Every four years, there is always a halving activity taking place. The previous halving took place in the year 2012 and then in the year 2016. These halvings resulted in the booming value of the asset. 


Cosmos can be best designed as the ‘internet of blockchains’. The project seeks to resolve persisting issues in the world of digital assets. The most common is the problem of token exchanging of distinctive blockchains, securely. These distinctive blockchains are given a specially called as ‘zones’ in Cosmos. However, being a minor project, Cosmos is yet to come out from its testing stage. This project is very aspiring and at the same time very complicated project. But if it becomes a huge success, then there will be a rise in the value of the asset, much easier. 


Known to be the second-most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin is Ethereum. This altcoin also joins the list of top cryptocurrencies that must be taken seriously in the year 2020. The year 2019, had been a lively year for this altcoin. Though it did experience some technical updating problems, and some engaging transformations. It won’t be wrong to say that currently, Ethereum bags the position of being a worthy asset and deserves to be in the brigade of top cryptocurrencies, all because of its ecosystem inter-relationship.


Develop the habit of following all crypto news, if you haven’t. We are saying this to let you become aware of all the recent developments that are taking place in the crypto world. The year 2019, had been a mix of ups and downs for many cryptocurrencies. But there is nothing surprised about it. As it is a common activity which causes due to volatility, the common negative factor in the crypto market. However, there are top cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tezos, and Cosmos, which cannot be taken lightly for investment in 2020. So stay abreast of all crypto updates and know what is happening around.


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