Top-Rated CBD Face Creams to Add to Your Skincare Routine

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Regarding CBD, everything from sweets to deodorant is on the table. CBD face creams are now gaining popularity. Face creams are used for several purposes, such as moisturization, anti-aging, pimple reduction, and skin protection. Some of the newer face creams on the market may contain cannabidiol (CBD), with potential health benefits.

Let us have a look at the CBD face creams.

Plant People Revive Face Cream

300 milligrams (mg) of full-spectrum CBD are used in this product. CBD is described as full-spectrum when it contains all of the cannabinoids found naturally in the cannabis plant, as well as a small amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the chemical in cannabis that gives you a buzz and relief from Sunday scaries. Cannabichromene (CBC), a cannabinoid with anti-acne effects, is also present in this product. According to studies, this face serum also contains Kalahari melon seed, which hydrates the skin, and olive squalene, which has antioxidant effects.

Koi Skincare CBD Moisturizer Cream

Koi CBD uses cannabidiol CBD that is 99 percent pure and extracted in-house utilizing a pharmaceutical-grade CO2 extraction technique in a cGMP facility. Koi’s Moisturizer Cream is a must-have addition to anyone’s skincare routine. This hemp-infused face moisturizer will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth without being oily or too hydrated. Cucumber extract, vitamin C, chia seed CO2 extract, camellia seed oil, glycerin, Kakadu plum extract, aloe vera juice, vitamin E oil, and other ingredients are included in each Koi Moisturizer Cream. These compounds may help prevent wrinkles, improve skin’s appearance, and renew, refresh, and restore skin.

CBD For Life CBD Face Cream

This velvety smooth face cream is ideal for skin that is dry or dull. Hyaluronic acid, in addition to CBD, has incredible anti-aging and moisturizing benefits. It’s non-greasy and smells light and delicious.  CBD for Life is made with 95% naturally sourced ingredients and is free of GMOs, parabens, and phthalates.

CBDMedic Eczema Therapy Medicated Ointment

This cream is moisturizing. It’s made to soothe eczema-like skin disorders and stop itching in its tracks. Chamomile and colloidal oatmeal plant extracts may help soothe your skin, while eucalyptus and peppermint oils are cooling and soothing. Plus, it smells beautiful *sniff sniff*.


Envy CBD Aloe Vera

Have you had too much fun in the sun? It happens all the time. After-sun scars can be treated with this topical treatment. It mixes Aloe Vera’s soothing powers with witch hazel’s cooling capabilities. It will assist in relieving redness and irritation while also moisturizing and renewing your skin.

CBD American Shaman Replenishing Face Cream

This cream is created with 60 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD and terpenes, based on the premise that multiple cannabis chemicals act better together (called the entourage effect). According to reviewers, the cream is incredibly spreadable, and a dab or two goes a long way. It’s also notable for its low cost, consistency, and faint, pleasant lavender aroma.

Sagely Naturals Brightening CBD Night Cream

Are you looking for the ideal nighttime moisturizer? You’ve come to the right place. Sagely Naturals offers it all for brightening and anti-aging – antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, Camu Camu, and bakuchiol seed oil. It’s also vegan, gluten-free, and free of parabens, sulfates, and colors.

Lord Jones Acid Mantle Repair CBD Moisturizer

You’ll see titles like “Please, don’t ever stop manufacturing this!” in the Lord Jones Acid Mantle Repair CBD Moisturizer reviews. And it’s easy to see why!  Ceramides (skin-repairing lipids), hyaluronic acid, and botanicals, including ginger elecampane flower, make up the complex formula of this cream. It’s made to repair the acid mantle, a protective layer of skin that harsh treatments and exfoliants can destroy.


Envy CBD Face Cream

This odorless daily moisturizer helps to prevent fine wrinkles. It’s high in vitamin B5, vitamin D, and vitamin C, which help with collagen production. According to the entourage effect, it also contains full-spectrum CBD, so a little goes a long way. It left reviewers’ faces feeling moisturized and silky.

CBDMedic Acne Treatment Medicated Cream

This topical CBD blemish treatment can help you get rid of your zits. Tea tree oil and acne-fighting salicylic acid are combined in this ointment. It also contains jojoba, which prevents you from being dehydrated. We also like that it’s made with 98 percent natural ingredients and is inexpensive.


Benefits of CBD

Despite the lack of scientific study on the effects of CBD in face creams, research on CBD’s application to the skin paints a positive picture. For example, there is evidence that combining CBD with hemp seed oil can help to heal and moisturize the skin.

CBD may also help to reduce sebocytes. These are the cells that produce sebum, which aids in the development of pimples. CBD’s action suggests that it could be effective in the treatment of acne. It’s crucial to note that, while this research appears promising, most of the good claims of CBD face creams are based on anecdotal evidence.

To make a CBD face cream or other skincare product, manufacturers can blend CBD oil with various substances. The CBD creams are gaining immense popularity owing to their benefits in boosting the health of the skin. 


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