Valuable Promotional Tips for Positive Open Source Project Results

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GettyImages 950986656

Open Source technology has received lots of accolades from the development community. With the help of this technology; developers have the flexibility of trying different options to make the application appealing. The other advantage with open source technology is that; developers around the globe can contribute towards code creation of the project. The source code in open source technology is always available to the developers; for altering and editing purposes. With so many positives of implementing open source projects; many reputed companies have started using open source technology for various projects.  But even if the developers are able to create gripping open source projects; until and unless the open source projects are promoted effectively, organization will not get the desired results from it. So how does an organization ensure that their open source projects get the desired results? Let us look at the promotional tips for positive open source project results:

Use powerful, yet simple graphics:   Always use powerful, yet simple graphics in the open source project. If the graphics are not simple, users will not have the fair idea of using the project effectively. Hence; it is very important for the open source developers to stay focused; and deliver a project with simple look and feel. This will help the organization in getting positive results for the open source project.

Have an attractive slogan for the open source project:  Until and unless you promote the project yourself; no one will recognize it. Hence; it is imperative for the organization, to have a slogan for the open source project. The slogan should be prepared in such a way that; it gives a fair idea to the target audience; about the content in the project.

Use social media tools and forums to attract developers and other users:  Nowadays; it is very important for organizations to participate on various social media sites to promote their brand. So; engage with fellow members on Twitter and Facebook; and make them aware of your open source project. You can also use various forums to create awareness about your open source project amongst users.

Create a platform for third party developers:  Create a powerful application programming interface; so that third party applications can be developed through a common platform. Encourage developers to help users to develop applications themselves. This will persuade users to try your open source project.

Integrate interesting features and new components in the open source project:   Once the project is over; it is very important for the developers to not only fix bugs; but also include interesting features and new components in the project. This will make users understand that; you are committed towards delivering constant updates to the users. This will ultimately build creditability of your project; and ensure that it will be a huge hit amongst users.

Can you add a few more promotional tips for positive open source project results? Do you think open source projects are a boon for developers? If yes; post your comments and feedback now to a professional ecommerce software development company


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