12 Ways to Sell On Instagram

We usually use our heart and emotions when purchasing, instead of using our heads. For this reason, marketers use a number of emotional and psychological triggers that will lead customers to make a purchase. If you add these triggering factors to your content plan in your social media marketing, your chances of converting your followers into customers increase.

So what are these triggering factors? Australia No. 1 selling site Instagram followers who Social Captain, revealing these secrets.

1. Love

The most important emotion in marketing is love. You should take care to create brand products and content that your followers will love. Sharing content that conveys a message of love is also a powerful strategy.

Love is the reason why photos of extremely cute dogs and kittens are so popular on social media. Love is also a great trigger for making a purchase. It’s not hard to understand why restaurant dinners and New Year’s gifts are so popular on Valentine’s Day.

2. Passion

All of the people; She has a genuine passion for having new things, feeling comfortable and meeting interesting people. Marketers who manage to trigger this passion increase the chances of customers making their purchases.

3. Ownership

The main goal of brand management is to make your customers so loyal to you, as the ambassador of your brand. To instill a sense of ownership in your customers, you can show them what your brand is doing behind the scenes and ask your customers for their opinion during a new service or product development process.

4. Justifying the Sale

Have you ever had to justify your reason for purchasing a product? Your answer will probably be yes, and you are definitely not alone in this. Since the past, shoppers have needed an excuse for what they bought.

These excuses can take many different forms. Perhaps like a coupon for an opportunity that you can’t say no to, a limited-time campaign, or a second product being free when you buy one… Remove the guilt of your shoppers by using these strategies!

5. Belonging

For brands that want to build a community of their customers, people’s desire to belong can be a very strong emotion.

People don’t want to be excluded from a party or a great event. You can strengthen your followers’ sense of belonging to a community through events you host on social media and by sharing content related to your non-social media activities.

6. The urge to collect

Did you know that most people have an urge to collect? From collecting stamps, books, clothing, cars to food and travel experiences, almost everyone has a sense of acquiring and collecting from them. The drive for collection reflects on social media as follower numbers, fans and likes.

Help your followers build collections through your social media profiles to take advantage of this trigger factor. Like physical products, experiences, badges and popularity on social media networks.

7. Curiosity

We all have a sense of curiosity, and since the past, marketers have taken advantage of our weakness. Social media is perfect for you to increase the curiosity of your followers. You can appeal to the sense of curiosity through captions with little detail that are prepared in a way that will increase the curiosity of people, or through photos taken with a large part of a product you will launch in the future.

Present your products in a way that increases the mystery to take advantage of curiosity. Do not take a photo of your product and share it directly like a normal showroom. Zoom in here to draw attention to the unique aspects of your product.

8. Story Telling

Stories; deepens the sense of trust, increases fascination and creates love. To take advantage of this trigger factor, examine your brand’s history in detail, the adventures of the brand founder, and the origins of the products.

Do you have a unique story about the inspiration behind your latest release? But are there interesting stories about the ingredients you used in your last perfect meal? By using elements like these, you can enchant your followers and make them more deeply connected to your brand.

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9. Greed

Greed is a very important source of motivation that drives people. This is why people keep participating in competitions for prizes that they will never use in their lives, even if they win.

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