7 Misconceptions About Refurbished Products -:

misconception about apple refurbished products 1
misconception about apple refurbished products 1

Nowadays electronic gadgets are very expensive and get outdated very fast. Therefore the trend of buying refurbished products is trending in recent years. Nobody wants to spend enormous amounts of money buying brand new phones, laptops, tablets which will become old fashioned within a few months or a year. Therefore they prefer to buy refurbished products which save their money and allow them to buy such gadgets which function the same as new products.

Apple also sells its pre-owned devices, this gives you a chance to buy high-quality Apple refurbished products such as refurbished Apple laptops, iPhone, MacBook, MacPC, iPad at reasonable prices. These products are 15%-20% cheaper than the new one, you can save up to 100 dollars by choosing the refurbished electronics.

Some people think that refurbished products are faulty electronics and are of poor quality that’s why they are put on a discounted rate, but this is not true. In this article, we will discuss the misconception of refurbished products.

Check out the 7 most popular myths about the refurbished gadgets and reality behind those myths -:

  • Refurbished Products does not Function well

 Fact: Just because the price of refurbished products dropped down, it does not mean that they are slow or run poorly. Their performance is equivalent to the brand new product. This is because they went through quality assurance tests. Therefore their computing speed is so good that you couldn’t find out the difference between new and old devices. 

  • Refurbished Devices come with minor defect -:

Fact: Refurbished products are those products which are returned by the buyer because of some minor defect. After receiving the product the manufacturer will test it fully and repair its all components and resell it in the market. Therefore, there is no possibility of a defect in the refurb device.

  • Refurbished Products have no warranty -:

Fact: Every refurbished product comes with a warranty from the manufacturer’s side, but its length may vary, depending on the brand. In any case, it is best to buy high-quality Apple refurbished products from the great vendors directly from the manufacturers. All Apple pre-owned products covered under a 1-year warranty, you can buy them hassle-free. 

  • Refurbished gadgets cannot run new software -:

Fact -: It’s just a misconception that refurb products do not support the newest software, many manufacturers install the latest software in the devices before taking them out in the market.

  • Refurbished products are not for Professionals -:

Fact: Life refurbished devices like refurbished Apple laptops, phones, and iPads are the same as new products and are rigorously inspected. They are divided into three classes A, B, and C, out of them, grade A devices are excellent for professional use. Class B and C devices are good for bulk buyers, such as for schools, libraries, etc.

  • A refurbished product is not suitable for Business -:

Fact: Many big organizations are using refurbished products to save money and the environment. Most of the refurb gadgets are returned to the manufacturer due to minor scratch or dent in the outer body or just because the buyer doesn’t like the device for any reason. Therefore the internal parts of such devices are untouched and work properly. Buying pre-owned devices helps the companies in cost-cutting. 

Refurbished products are same as used products -:

Fact-: The refurbished products are not the same as the used products you buy from your friend or acquaintance. They undergo multiple quality check tests and come with new batteries and outer shells. They are decently cleaned and sterilized before being sold. Also, your friend or a known person cannot provide you warranty or product support facility. Whereas the manufacturer will provide you warranty and technical support on the purchase of refurbished devices.

In Final Words -: 

The refurb electronics are good as new products and are sold by many reputable companies such as Apple, Samsung, IBM, Xiaomi, etc. These are inexpensive than their new counterparts and have gone through strict testing modules, therefore they are beneficial for both professionals and business owners. 


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