7 reasons to migrate from Prestashop to Shopify

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Have you been using Prestashop for a while but would like to test a new solution? Why not shopify? If you imagine Shopify as a solution that is no match for Prestashop then read this article quickly before investing in a new version of Prestashop.


We do a lot of e-commerce migrations from Prestashop to Shopify and it’s always for the same reasons. 

  • Tired of doing technical Prestashop updates all the time? 
  • Do you find the Prestashop interface outdated?
  • Does your development agency charge you too much for each project or modification? 
  • Do you regularly encounter bugs with your merchant site?
  • Do you spend more time solving technical problems than marketing?
  • Are you struggling to find competent and reliable people on Prestashop? 

So good news, this can all become history by switching to Shopify.

Why after more than 10 years of work on open source solutions we decided to migrate all our customers to Shopify? 

Our team has been working on e-commerce sites for more than 15 years. And for a long time we have been staunch supporters of Prestashop and Magento. It was indeed, despite their shortcomings, the best e-commerce solutions available on the market.

But what was true in the past is much less true today. A new kid has appeared and has achieved the impossible: to offer an almost perfect e-commerce solution for almost all merchants in the world. 

And believe me, we had a hard time believing it at first. Like many, we were convinced that Shopify, a SaaS solution, cannot offer the same technical openness or the same flexibility as open source. We didn’t know it yet, but we were wrong. 

Shopify, the benefits of SaaS and open source at the same time.

Shopify has achieved a feat: bringing together the best of SaaS and the best of open source to offer a fast, flexible, productivity-oriented but also extremely open solution with its API and front end that can be modified at will. For the curious we have made a complete article to compare Shopify VS Prestashop

Here are 7 reasons to migrate to Shopify for the next redesign of your e-commerce site.

1 Increase productivity

This is definitely the # 1 reason that will make you a Shopify addict after migration. The clear, uncluttered and super-fast interface will make you more productive. No plugin will slow down your back office or complicate your life as an e-merchant. 

Everything is at hand and can be configured in a few clicks. 

The proof: we carried out a Web Development Christchurch where in 1 hour it is possible to set up a Shopify store from A to Z without technical knowledge. 

Of course, if you go through a Shopify agency, it’s often to have tailor-made developments. That’s good, it’s quite possible with Shopify.

2 Have a tailor-made site quickly

Thanks to Shopify’s API (the programming interface) and our Shopify Partner developers, we can create the site of your dreams for you.

Do you need a special feature? You can modify the front office at will and create or add apps to match your needs 100% without reinventing the wheel.

3 Automate processes as much as possible

As technical integration is often easy and fast, there is often a budget left to automate the various tasks as much as possible and increase your productivity.

With Shopify and its extremely open e-commerce system, it is possible to connect virtually all the technical service providers around: PIM, ERP, Accounting, Logistics, and WMS etc… 

Why deprive yourself of it to automate your e-commerce as much as possible by increasing productivity? 

4 Goodbye bugs and technical problems 

Have you ever installed a module that crashed your Prestashop site and lost sales? With Shopify it’s a thing of the past. I know it’s hard to believe when you have a poorly performing and buggy site, but yes, efficient, bug-free e-commerce sites exist. 

In Shopify, if ever one app doesn’t work, everything else works. Bug free. It’s almost impossible to crash a Shopify through an app or bug. Why? Because by going through the API, it limits the impact of each problem.  

In open source solutions, the different overlays can come into conflict and generate significant drops in turnover. 

5 say goodbye to hosting and traffic problems  

Have you ever spent hours looking for the right Prestashop hosting? All this to have performance drops that are sometimes unexplained? With the Shopify Cloud, you are safe from such problems. 

Do you have a big day with lots of visitors? No worries and you won’t pay more. 

You no longer have to worry about server-side performance improvements, Shopify takes care of it for you.

6 You can test themes with just a few clicks 

If you have tried to modify your Prestashop theme, you know that it can represent a real way of the cross. Here is what we can read on some Prestashop sites: 

Sometimes it happens that the Prestashop theme installer does not work properly and therefore does not allow the template to be installed.

Indeed, this module is unfortunately not always very reliable.


Once the template is installed, it is common that the product images no longer appear. The same goes for images from categories, scenes, manufacturers and suppliers.

It is totally normal.

We think we are dreaming! Is it normal that changing a theme almost causes a site to crash? On Shopify, it takes 3 clicks and a little less than a minute to change the theme without any technical bugs. No this is not science fiction! 

7 You’ll save money! 

What? But Prestashop is free while Shopify pricing and cost is so high. How is it possible to save money by switching to Shopify? 

Well Prestashop is not free, far from it. You have to pay well: the modules, a server, a site creation team, technical maintenance, etc. All this represents a cost called the cost of e-commerce ownership (TCO: total cost of ownership). 

And very often our customers have a much lower TCO under Shopify VS Prestashop.


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