Best Ways to Experience Desert Safari

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Discover Egypt safari trips to get a taste of the desert excitement and an incredible and unique journey. Throughout your safari vacations in Egypt, you will immerse yourself in the true essence of desert life by engaging with natives and surviving as they do.

❖  Africa Safari Park

Enjoy the most beautiful woodland activities in the open forests encircled by natural wildlife. A fantastic experience for updating your social networks with vibrant images. Africa Safari Park, located 65 kilometers along the Cairo-Alexandria main highway, allows you to experience an authentic safari adventure. There, you’ll be able to witness wild creatures in their native habitat and other exciting things. This park is unique in Cairo, as it’s the first of its kind to establish in the country. There’s a hotel that looks like it’s in the middle of the rainforests, with a cafeteria on the premises where you can have meals while admiring the surroundings.

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❖  Gara Cave

Admire the magnificent Gara Cave, which was formed 2.5 billion years ago by rainfall in Eocene sandstone. Beginning in Cairo, this Egypt safari trip takes you to Gara Cave. Throughout that safari trip, you will have the opportunity to see and experience the Gara Cave, located in the middle of the dunes. Rock paintings and items recovered in the caves indicate that human ancestors resided there during the late Stone Age.

❖  Magical Springs

Also, consider a trip to Ain Khudra and the magical springs. Discover the new and old snowy deserts to get yet another adventure. It is regarded as among the best sites in Egypt to go on a white desert safari. You can even spend the night camp there.

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❖  Quad Biking 

Riding a quad bike in the Desert among the Giza pyramids is one of those once-in-a-lifetime desert encounters. You can hire a personal Giza Plateau operator to show you around and offer you instructions to ride a 4-wheeler. Open the accelerator and imagine yourself tearing across the dunes. In Dubai desert Safari you also experience these sports. You will undoubtedly appreciate speeding over the Giza desert and flying around on the plateau’s low sands and feeling the rush of hot desert breeze. Pause along the way to take in the spectacular sights of Cairo, including the three pyramids. They were built as cemeteries for ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

❖  Sakkara Safari tour

Arrive in Sakkara firstly, then start your Egypt safari trips in a 4×4 jeep for about fifteen min to get deeper into the deserts. From there, you must take a moment to absorb the eye-catching viewpoint of Sakkara’s Egyptian Pyramids. Following that, you’ll travel to Camel Caravan in the Desert, where you can take a half-hour camel ride. After that, have a magnificent meal after a day of thrills.

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❖  Arabian Nighttime Safari

This Egypt safari offers a unique opportunity to enjoy quality time with your family or companions. Nothing beats a good horseback ride, which you can do as part of your Arab Evenings safari trip. The Fayoum oasis, which is 48 kilometers from the Cairo-Fayoum desert route, is the Egyptian lowest level. Arab Night camping offers a variety of desert sports. During the Arab Midnight safaris, you can hire a camel, horse, or beach buggy to experience the Desert to the utmost at sensible prices. There are also traditional acts for tourists on Fridays. You will also be taken on a trip to the Ein Elcellein region. 

❖  Luxor Desert Safari Trip

If you select the midnight camping choice, you will see a variety of local sites. You can also experience the authentic desert culture. Enjoy a trip by traveling to Dakhla Oasis and stopping at Kasr Al Labbakha, a hot spring. Refresh by taking a soak in this beautiful jacuzzi. You can have Egyptian cuisine during your visit to the campsite if you conduct midnight camping on the Dakhla Oasis safari trip.

Explore the surrounding historic encased city, which features an oil mill, a court, a college, and living quarters. Beyond the Desert, you can also explore Muzzawaka and Deir El-Haggar. See the Baris Temple wrap up your Luxor desert adventure.

❖  Siwa Oasis Safari

One of the gorgeous safari trips in the world is the Siwa Oasis safari. To start this safari, you must first travel to Siwa. From there, your true safari adventure begins in a 4X4 jeep. On your trip to the Desert, you’ll pass by two rivers. When you arrive, take in the breathtaking sunsets and change the position of camp for a stay on the Sahara. You will have the opportunity to meet a nomadic Bedouin while enjoying an afternoon around a bonfire and a sumptuous BBQ meal.  Diving at Abou-Shrouf, the purest and largest springs. It has sulfured waters that are said to be beneficial to gout and skin. Explore the Roman olive oil presses and black Roman monuments in the native neighborhood of Abou-Shrouf, Zabuton. Also, explore the recently found roman graves full of the skeleton. 

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❖  Alexandria tour

Visit Alexandria after spending a night in the Desert, which was established by Alexander the Great. In Alexandria, you may see the Tombs of Kom El Shokafa and the Citadel of Qaitbay. It was constructed in 1477 and is located in the western portion of the city.

Because it is bordered on three sides by the ocean, the majesty of this palace is stunning. Also, see the Great Library of Alexandria, the world’s oldest bookstore, which holds over two million books. This Alexandria Egypt desert safari is an excellent option for any traveler.


A safari in Egypt is a must-do on any Egypt vacation plan. In Egypt’s magnificent deserts, rest under a cluster of stars and discover unique scenery to fulfill your desert safari dreams. Take a tour of some of the area’s most iconic landmarks. There are numerous safari tour choices to choose from, depending on your preferences. So, start planning a visit to Egypt right now to enjoy the bright desert safaris with your family members. Here also you experience quad biking, horse riding Arabic dishes camel rides and in Dubai also these all activities are available. Adventure Planet Tourism offering best desert safari Dubai deals.


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