Essential jewellery pieces that every Indian bride must have

Essential jewellery

The wonderful occasion of your marriage sets you off on a lifetime of love and adventures. We have all grown up seeing traditional weddings where brides wear their mother’s or grandmother’s chunky heavyset jewellery pieces to hand them down to their daughters. 

However, today weddings are not what they used to be. They have come of age with the millennial brides choosing to do things differently. Women marrying today are bolder and not averse to trying out new choices of wedding jewellery to go with their chosen attire, be it a saree, suit or a lehenga.

However, let’s admit that choosing those perfect pieces can get confusing. The jewellery needs to be wearable as much as it needs to stand out. To help you make a choice, we have rounded up some essential pieces of jewellery that are a must-have in your trousseau:

  • Hathphool: Translating to ‘flower of the hands’, hathphools are a ravishing addition to a bride’s look and her henna-covered hands. Interconnected with finger rings and a bracelet, they are worn on the back of the palm. Some of the most-loved designs include hathphools made with the rich deep hues of kundan that give you a graceful and heritage feel. Else try dainty pearl chains that are minimalistic yet superbly elegant. To add a little quirk, look out for designs such oversized as chaand hathphools, flower-shaped ones, or simple strings. 
  • Baajuband: Jewel-studded baajubands or armlets have been worn in India by rural and royal women alike. And, trust us, there isn’t a better piece to set your look apart. Worn on the upper arm they are also said to ward off the evil eye. Those who love minimalism, can pick up sleek gold armlets, and brides who love the grandeur of rich pieces can pick these up in unique and intricate temple designs with carvings of goddesses.
  • Necklaces: The one thing that most brides seem to be in love with are choker necklaces. Its fitted design is traditional and bold at the same time and can add that stunning vintage charm to your look. It can be worn on its own or layered with other necklaces. Or, if you want to stick to the traditional but equally gorgeous, look for new gold necklace designs. You can choose some unique designs such as ‘kaasu maala’ or the gold coin necklace, step necklaces, designs in gold jaali, or florals.
  • Rings: No bridal look is complete without rings that a beautiful grace to your hands. If you are a traditional bride, go for the timeless and stylish designer solitaire rings. Those who love to make a bold statement, must try oversized cocktail rings. These chunky pieces can be teamed up with your western and traditional dresses long the wedding too. 
  • Jhoomar: One of the top favourites with brides these days, these resplendent pieces, worn on the side of the head, look offbeat and yet regal. Depending on your style, choose from arc spread jhoomars that adorn almost half of your hair or the more compact fan-shaped jhoomars made with kundan studs and pearls. 

Remember, choosing your wedding day jewellery needn’t be a daunting task. The only rule is to go with your heart and your style and not blindly follow the trends to make the happiest day of your life even more memorable.


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