How Can SAP Help Manage Your Payroll Under COVID-19 Crisis

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SAP knows the importance of software integration. They are continuously evolving themselves to suit the ever-growing demands and also combat the COVID-19 crisis. In the module of SAP HR, payroll is one of the critical components. 

The payroll control record offered by the SAP HR system is already used by organizations to track payroll status and other options. The SAP community is continuously evolving to support its organization during this time of uncertainty. 

They have created several temporary spaces for their partners to provide free solutions that can help them to move forward. Their intention is to provide the partners with Direct Access to various kinds of payrolling solutions and help them to tackle COVID-19 disruptions. 

Global Payroll Processes

During the COVID-19 crisis, SAP has helped the partners to ensure that their workforce is paid accurately and on time. They have simplified and integrated global payroll processes so that businesses have more confidence in managing payroll for their employees. 

SAP has offered consumer-grade self-services for organizations. They can streamline various benefits and manage payroll to improve employee engagement on a global level. SAP has enhanced employee programs with the help of effective payroll management. They have accelerated payroll processing with automation, replacing the manual payroll management tasks. 

The dashboard of SAP can be used for retro-calculations with actionable insights for processing payroll in real-time. The employees will also receive quick and proactive payrolling alerts with complete details of their workdays based on contextual insights of SAP payroll in their systems. 

SAP SuccessFactors Solutions

SAP has updated its SuccessFactors in different ways so that customers can think outside the box and adapt different ways to use SAP Jam and its announcements, along with publications status updates, messages from the leaderboard, and various business solutions. 

During the global pandemic, many of the employees are working remotely for such a long time, and payroll management is getting more critical than ever. Businesses all across the world are relaunching the SAP SuccessFactors onboarding and understanding their business lined with the new SAP reforms.

Availability of Information

During the pandemic crisis, a lot of countries are helping other businesses to manage their employees and workers and to avoid massive layoffs or furloughs. SAP is helping its partners to manage their finance and accounts so that companies can retain their workers for a more extended period of time. 

SAP has created a personalized blog to bring all the partners on one page. In that blog, various employers can suggest schemes and guidelines offered by the government and researchers around the globe on how to manage employees and avoid layoffs. As the rules and regulations are subjected to constant review and updates, it is crucial that SAP should maintain the blog, and employers all around the world should contribute to that blog. 

HR Focal Point

SAP has introduced a new feature known as HR Focal Point, which is relevant in the market for about 20 years now. It has implementation and maintenance for SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM) and SuccessFactors solutions. 

The HR Focal Point is sufficient to manage the payroll system and employee database management from hiring to retirement. They are committed to managing different processes related to talent management, streamlining different HR processes with long-term solutions. The HR Focal Point is a cloud-based system, and it can be quickly launched under the Managed Support Services (MSS) division under SAP. 

They are ready to host over 50,000 users worldwide under the support of the MSS platform. This platform can provide a variety of solutions and services to manage business process outsourcing along with payroll processing and application management for HR activities. 


SAP has provided a payroll management system for businesses across 45 countries, and they are localizing the 1300 product experts. They have kept in mind the flexibility and versatility of the current situation, and their payroll management system can help the partners to be more extensible. 

The employees and employers all around the globe are feeling confident that the payroll software provided to them by powerful SAP is also used across all the businesses worldwide. This system can be used to pay nearly 100 million people at a time. In this crisis, SAP has come forward with innovative ideas so that their partners are benefited from the payroll management system. 


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