Launch of Hot & Cold AC

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Some people wonder why it is required to have voltas service center Jammu, as the weather is not as hot as Delhi’s and not as humid as Mumbai’s. So here is the reason for the same. Earlier, when someone talks about the air conditioner, we make a picture related to the heat of summers and get comfort from a nice chill breeze of AC. But now it is not more the limitation of thought when thinking about AC – it can be helpful in the entire year as it has extended features.

While summers are indescribable without air conditioners, having a room heater is also a necessity during winters. As the forename suggests, hot and cold AC works in each weather, whether it is summer, winter, or spring, by giving you rapid cooling in summers and keeping you warm and relaxing during winters.

Voltas being an ancient brand in the Indian Market has spread its umbrella all over India despite the rural or urban areas it can be reached anywhere. To cement your research, you can navigate the voltas ac service center near me from any location as per your choice.  This company has continually worked on its technology; as an example, they initially have regular AC’s but later, as per the demand, they launched hot and cold ac to ease and comfort the people’s life to the greatest extent. They also have an extensive and easily reachable network for voltas ac service. If there is a requirement of repair, maintenance, or regular servicing, it can be quickly done.

Hot AC Can Help In Saving Electricity Consumed In Winters For Heating

Numerous places in Northern India experience tremendous winters and summers each year. To handle the extreme weather, many people purchase both air conditioners as well as room heaters. It not only adds to the figure of electronic appliances in a home but also significantly increases electricity bills in summers as well as winters. Air conditioners because they have a thermostat (which reins temperature) do not chew through a lot of electricity as matched up to the room heaters’ consumption, which intakes an elevated amount of electricity throughout the period they are kept on. Suppose you are someone who is looking to trounce the trouble of high electricity consumption by room heaters. In that case, new air conditioners with a high-temperature pump that presents both cooling and heating can be a high-quality substitute for you to cut back electricity.

Performance Of Heat Pumps

An air conditioner works by absorbing heat from inside the room and throwing it outside. If you had stood near the outdoor part of an air conditioner, you would have noticed that it exhales hot air outside. A heat pump works entirely in a reverse way. It consumes the heat from the external environment and throws it inside. Fundamentally the cooling cycle gets inverted. The execution of the indoor and outdoor unit is overturned, and thus, it can take heart from the external environment and heat the room. This kind of functioning exhibits much less electricity as the electricity is not being utilized to produce heat as in-room heaters. Still, it is being used to move heat from the room’s external environment to the indoor. As per sources, heat pumps can be up to 25-50% more resourceful than regular room heaters as depending on size and usage.

Nowadays, many air conditioner brands have come out with only some models that can do both heating and cooling. These models that have a heat pump can be pretty functional in winters. The added advantage of such systems is that just like regular air conditioners, these systems also have a thermostat, making sure that the room is heated to an optimal comfortable temperature. With average room heaters, if they do not have a thermostat, it is reasonably possible that they may overheat the room, which not just becomes uncomfortable but also utilizes a lot of electricity.

Restrictions Of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can be extremely productive in places where the temperature in winter is further than 4 degrees Celsius. Still, in areas where the temperature goes below 4 degrees Celsius, these systems are not resourceful. What happens as the water in the air freezes on the outdoor unit, restricting the flow of air. In such cases, a standard electric resistance heater is a superior choice.


Air Conditioners with heat pumps utilize electricity to move heat from exterior to interior environment, which is far more resourceful than using electricity to produce heat. Add to it the advantage of temperature control using a thermostat, and the system can supply a lot of electricity saving compared to a regular room heater. And not just the saving, it also reduces the muddle of having numerous appliances in your house. So if you live in a place where there are extreme winters and summers and are planning to buy a new air conditioner, do give contemplation to the models that have both heating and cooling. So, let dial voltas ac service center number and ask for uncertainties, if any.


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