Oxidized Jewelry That You Should Have in Your Collection

Oxidized Jewelry That You Should Have
Oxidized Jewelry That You Should Have

Elizabeth Taylor has said that “Big girls need big diamonds”, but girls need not worry about spending too much for adding shine to their outfit. Lately, oxidized jewelry has been gathering all the limelight in the fashion world and hence you should try giving it some space in your jewelry box. From getting dressed-up for attending a family event to a formal office meeting, adding an oxidized jewel will sum up your look effortlessly. If you are a fashion enthusiast and want to get a new look, then have a look at this list.

  1. Oxidized Nose Pin

When it comes to the nose pins, we usually consider only gold or diamond ones. Well, if you are already bored of wearing them for every occasion then here is an option of wearing the oxidized nose pins. Be it about donning a nose ring for your friend’s wedding or a stud during a casual day out. This trend has already been making rounds around the market and even you should try it.

2. Oxidized Earrings

Choosing earrings that would define your apparel plays a very important role. The wide range of oxidized earrings has everything from a jhumka jewellery to a color stoned earrings which can be paired up with both Indian and western attire.

3. Oxidized Bangles

Here is something on the list which can replace the bracelets from your wrist. Oxidized bangles alone can help you in summing up your boho-chic look without putting much of your efforts. You can pair it in any way and still jazz up your simple outfit.

4. Oxidized Necklaces

How about adorning your outfit with a statement necklace? Well, your oxidized necklace will surely steal the limelight. You can never fail at levelling up even the simplest look with a detailed choker or a heavy boho necklace. They would be the showstopper of your outfit.

5. Oxidized Rings

Accessorize your hands with the oxidized rings which have become one of the greatest fashion trends of the time. You can either style a ring by stacking it or by wearing just a bold statement ring. Adding the elegant oxidized rings to your collection will undoubtedly lessen your efforts of choosing an apt accessory to match with your outfit.

6. Oxidized Anklets

Trying something different from your usual style is always a good thought to have as that is what fashion is all about. You should consider giving some space to an anklet on your list. Pair it up with a cropped jean or shorts and flaunt your ankle with the beauty of intricate bracelets.

7. Oxidized Hair Pin

You can get a very nice set of hair pins with your name customized on them. These can be worn to tie buns and braids. These look very beautiful as they are studded with diamonds and pearls. One can surely get them from your nearby store.  

The aforementioned list shows some of the must-owns, for creating a style statement. Moreover, the essence of Indian tradition could be reflected by wearing a piece of oxidized jewelry even in western attire. So, why not think about upgrading your accessory shopping list? Do good research and get your hands on some of the most gorgeous oxidized rings, necklaces, earrings online. So, now hurry up and do not wait!!!


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