Selling The Dream In Network Marketing Or Internet Business

Selling the Dream in network marketing or internet business
Selling the Dream in network marketing or internet business

Guy Kawasaki’s book “Selling the Dream” is important for starting an internet business or MLM because the entrepreneur has to first sell the dream to himself or herself to stay motivated. This is why if you are into any online business opportunities or network marketing, at least read this book review.

The book is a blueprint of how you can “promote” or sell your dreams and ideas to other people. It also tells you that you have to persuade people to be as passionate about your cause as you are.

Evangelism is the practice of convincing people to believe in your product or idea as much as you do. It means selling your dreams using passion, dedication, courage, and cunning.

By selling the dream, you are turning a vision into a cause and getting people interested in sharing your cause. It is more powerful than traditional selling because it involves the sharing of ideas, insights, and hope rather than achieving personal benefits.

Evangelism goal

  • Evangelism brings long-lasting and dramatic changes.
  • Evangelism saves itself.
  • Evangelism increases.
Selling the Dream in network marketing or internet business
Selling the Dream in network marketing or internet business

The starting point for all publicity is one reason – its reason. Reason five can work:

  • A vision.
  • Make people better.
  • Produce major effects that change lives.
  • To catalyze selfless actions.
  • Polarize people – When you shake the status quo, people can love you or hate you.

The leader provides the vision for an organization or company and motivates its members. It requires one person:

  • Confidence insight.
  • Understand, grow, and maintain vision.
  • Trust people.
  • Set a motivational example.
  • Share the reason.

Angels are individuals who share your vision and provide emotional support, expert advice, and sometimes financial support to help you achieve your vision. Some places to find “angels” are social causes, the boardrooms of large companies, community action programs of large corporations among retired executives, and successful network marketers.

Look for angels who are:

  • Pure – Personal satisfaction is the motivation for helping a cause.
  • Experience.
  • Actual.
  • Explicit.

Connected – They have influential and powerful friends who can help your organization raise money and gain credibility.

There are four qualities that evangelist types:

  • Has not called – they believe and are ready to pursue the cause.
  • Committed.
  • Attract people to the cause.
  • Willingness to listen.
Selling the Dream in network marketing or internet business
Selling the Dream in network marketing or internet business

These people provide the focal point for the cause. Ignorance, inertia, or conservatism are considered ideological enemies, while other companies, organizations, or people are strategic enemies.

Tactical enemies can be an asset as they combine heritage, focus, and rally members, provide quantitative milestones and help defeat shared ideological enemies.

First, find out your reason for becoming an evangelist. A cause is like a goal or a map. Without it, you waste your time, money, and effort. In effect doing more harm than good. People connect to do the right thing, feel or contribute good about something, prove themselves, or enrich their lives in some way. Here are the methods of finding the cause:

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  • Fulfilling a need – The ability to understand people’s needs before they actually know about that need.
  • To fill an existing need – to provide a solution to an existing/obvious problem.
  • Finding a need – Finding a problem to solve with something you have discovered or invented.
  • Piggy on other reasons – strengthening and widening your cause by aligning/adding to another cause.
  • Being found for a reason.

After recognizing this, the bulk of the book is about planning and implementing Evangelism. And applying it to relationships. A powerful and practical strategy for society leaders.


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