Starting in the real estate industry? Then, you should know why real estate farming postcards are better than emails


Whether you are a seasoned veteran in the real estate business, or just starting out in the industry and looking to build your list of leads, there is no doubt that you are always looking for the best forms of advertisement to get in touch with the right kinds of potential clients.

Though you may think that in the year 2021, utilizing the power of the Internet would offer the best advertisement opportunities for real estate agents, the fact of the matter is that sometimes the old-fashioned approach is better.

If you are looking to boost your real estate farming, you are probably looking to decide between utilizing real estate postcards or real estate emails. However, we are here to tell you that real estate postcards should still be considered the prime tool to find new clients. You can visit Wise Pelican to see more real estate postcards.

Here are just a few reasons why.

Postcards are quick and easy

The first reason why you should consider using postcards over emails for real estate farming is that they are fast. Turn around for postcards are typically quite short and you do not even have to know the addresses or names of the people to whom you want to send your postcards to get them in their mailboxes. 

Postcards are more likely to be seen

For both postcards and emails, there is absolutely a chance that the recipient simply puts it in their physical trash bin or their email trash before ever looking at it. However, chances are far greater that a person will at least peruse a postcard as opposed to even opening an email from an unknown address. Moreover, there is a strong chance that the intended recipient never even sees the email that you send them because it ends up in the spam folder that they never look at.

Postcards are trackable

When you begin a postcard campaign, you will know how many postcards you sent out and you will know how many responses you end up receiving. Postcards provide a very easy way for you to get your message across and they also allow you to get crucial information on how effectively you accomplish your goal. This opportunity even allows you to attempt different mailing tactics to see if one works better than the other. This will help you identify winning tactics so that you can optimize your strategy for reaching out to new potential clients the next time you begin a real estate farming initiative.

Homebuyers are more likely to read postcards

Though the Internet is without a doubt the way of the future, and younger generations have already moved many aspects of life online, there is no doubt that today’s homeowners and potential home buyers are much more likely to be part of the older generations. These older generations are far more likely to be comfortable with postcards and you can be sure that getting postcards in their hands will render more positive results than sending emails to their email addresses.


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