The Success of Wengie as She Makes YouTube Beautiful

wengie 1543375503
wengie 1543375503

With the prominence of the internet as a primary source for information in the current age, many different content-sharing and social media websites have come to the forefront as destinations for knowledge and entertainment. YouTube is a prime example of this cultural shift, allowing a medium with which any person or group can share their ideas with the rest of the world. Additionally, the more famous YouTubers using the site have taken this concept a step further, being able to monetize and market their creative services to a global audience.

One such YouTuber with a large following is Wengie, also known by her real name Wendy Huang, who has turned her impressive knowledge of beauty trends and techniques into a worldwide enterprise. Wengie’s ideas stemmed from her work at a digital marketing agency, where she worked in advising clients regarding the importance of an online presence. By starting her own YouTube channel and presenting her ideas through videos and blogs, Wengie learned firsthand about obstacles in building an online establishment and overcoming the challenges in doing so.redguard names

Wengie’s passion for unique beauty styles goes deeper than what most might expect. She states that by finding beauty in our daily surroundings, we can harness this same ideal in ourselves, and take the necessary steps to improve ourselves on both the inside and outside. This mission statement has allowed Wengie to build a YouTube community of more than 900,000 subscribers. In addition, Wengie also continues her endeavors as a blogger and is the CEO of the fashion company StyleAlley.

Among all the famous YouTubers in existence, Wengie stands out as a living testament as to what is possible with the proper digital marketing through various platforms. Combining an original concept with constant effort has allowed Wengie and other personalities to effectively introduce their services to a demographic that spans the globe. As a result, these success stories have inspired others to pursue their ideas and continue to enhance the growth of a thriving web-based economy.redguard names


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