Top 10 Tips For Climbing The Valorant Ranked Ladder

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The ranked system in Valorant is a rewarding yet punishing experience. If you are a newbie, some mistakes can cost you your rank besides countless matches. Both outside and inside the game, there are multiple ways you can begin cleaning up your gameplay.

As you know, The Valorant has seen a meteoric rise since it was released. The player base has snowballed, and new players are frequently joining. If you are struggling to play being a new player and  Valiant in the competitive mode, then these tips below will help you in more ways than one.  

1.  Ranked Queue can wait

Have you warmed up before playing an actual game of soccer or baseball? Well, it is the same with playing Valiant as well. We recommend warming up the reflexes before you dive straight into the ranked mode and begin the grind. That is because warming up builds a soaring momentum which further helps to climb effectively.

What you can do is swear by the Valorant Cheats (PC) and enjoy the game with ESP and aimbot without staying detected. So, go ahead and eliminate your jitteriness with practice matches and play the ranked matches only when you are well-prepared.

2.  Play defensively when the need arises

Rushing in and then dying in no time is the most common mistake players make in Valiant. This fast-paced game does promote aggressive gameplay, but this strategy may not be the best one to use all the time.

First, make a habit of analyzing your opponents and their gameplay style before you make a move. Bolting in could be one of the surprise tactics for catching the players off-guard. But, when you repeat it in every round, it will only make the game more difficult for you. 

3.  Play less ranked games at a given time

It may sound very tempting to play continuously but trust us when we say that this is inappropriate. At one given time, try to play only a few games at a single time. Steer clear of the ranked matches most times and do not play continuously. That is because playing non-stop can affect your physical as well as mental health. You may experience a stark decrease in your concentration levels. Your progress can become stagnant, and your overall performance will sink. Take regular breaks and stick to 1-2 matches every day.

4.  Play in a group

Playing solo in rank matches can be exasperating and daunting. You cannot carry every game on your back and think it is easy. You always need some amount of support at a given time. Individual climbing is possible, but it is challenging. Thus, we recommend playing in premade parties, where you are familiar with other players. Such a play will make the gaming experience a lot more enjoyable and also enhance team coordination.

5.  Communication is vital

As basic as it may sound, most players, especially beginners, do not communicate when playing Valiant. We say communication is pivotal for better outcomes, and not communicating will jeopardize your rank.

6.  Focus on broke enemies

Press the “Tab” button in-game and have a look at the scoreboard that pops up. On the scoreboard’s right, you will see the credit of both teams. Identify the players with low credits and target them to put them below the scoreboard. This way, you will be able to intimidate the enemy tea and ultimately increase your winning chances.

7.  Play a small Agents Pool

We recommend learning the agent’s basics in Valorant to remain more effective. A massive pool will be helpful because counter and pocket pick will considerably help in being ingenious. However, knowing of ways to play some agents will help you climb the rank ladder well.

8.  Practice every map

The selection of Map in Valorant is random. Unlike the CSGo players, you will not get any map before the game starts. Since there are four maps as of now, and each of them is different. Thus play on every map.

9.  Pay heed to the minimap

Most new players hardly focus on the minimap when playing Valiant. But, the minimap located on the screen’s left corner can help you encounter enemies. Thus, we suggest looking at the minimap every 2-3 seconds.

10. Individual performance is critical

To climb the ranked ladder in Valorant, winning is not the sole criterion. Ranks in this game do not depend solely on losing or winning but several other aspects. No matter what, never forget about your performance.


Review your game because that is what will give you an outsider’s perspective. Take a mental reset after every match and find the proper sensitivity setting that matches your play style. We hope you liked our blog, and if there is anything you would like us to add, please let us know in the comments.  


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