Why the Body Needs Protein?

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Everyone who goes in for sports knows that during sports loads there is a great loss of energy, hypoxia (oxygen starvation), significant neuropsychic stress, increasing the body’s need to replenish it with energy and individual nutrients.

Proper Nutrition

With proper nutrition, there is a process of preventing fatigue, increasing endurance, accelerating the body’s recovery processes with the normalization of its functions after prolonged physical exertion. Energy loss is related to the sport and the amount of exercise that is performed. You should also consider body weight and fitness. It should be noted that the greatest energy losses are observed in athletes who have prolonged physical activity.

30% fats, 14% proteins and 56% carbohydrates will help to replenish energy losses. When talking about young athletes, one should not forget about the increased need for phosphorus, calcium and proteins. The question arises: why is the athlete’s body so necessary for proteins?

Protein has several functions

Proteins that enter the body of athletes have several functions. One part is working on muscles; therefore, the diet should include 2.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. If the loads were prolonged, then the amount of protein must be increased to 3 grams. During the period of competition and training, the body of athletes should receive up to 140 g of protein, while the consumption of the male body should be up to 170 g.

Just like protein benefits of marijuana are also quite helpful in improving the muscle mass and fulfilling your energy needs.

Proteins of animal origin, included in the daily diet, should be 55% of the total. If you limit the consumption of fats, then unoxidized foods will not accumulate in the blood. Thus, the daily rate of fat, namely 25%, is absorbed by the use of vegetable oils.

Importance of sports

Sports leads to the fact that the body requires more ascorbic acid and thiamine, riboflavin and tocopherol, retinol, which are actively involved in the process of strengthening metabolic processes and the loss of vitamins that dissolve in water during perspiration. There must be a clear connection between meal times and the competition schedule.

The distribution of the daily ration of energy value during competitions held in different halves of the day does not have any special differences.


Thus, protein intake for athletes is a very important factor that will help them to be in shape and very quickly put the body in order and replenish the calories expended.


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