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brass knuckles
brass knuckles

Despite the fact that brass knuckles are one of the oldest weapons ever made, some things are just timeless. They originated in Rome and were used by soldiers and gladiators in face-to-face combat. Eventually they became quite useful in duels and people started using them to protect their knuckles during fights. They continued to be used in boxing matches and became part of the biker culture due to their tough looks. And to this day, brass knuckles have maintained their reputation as tough hand-held offense weapons.

What are Brass Knuckles Used for?

There are plenty of reasons why Brass Knuckles are quite relevant even now. People like to use them both as a weapon and as an accessory.

  • They are the best home defense weapon as they are clunky. Being hit by a brass knuckle can cause serious muscle disruption and bruising. They are safe to keep around the house and use in the case of intruders or robbers.  
  • Also known as a knuckle duster, a brass knuckle acts as a shield for your hand when punching someone. 
  • They are small and easy to carry as opposed to guns or knives and they can be worn so they save space. 
  • In emergencies like fires you can use a brass knuckle to break glass to extract fire extinguishers without hurting your hands. 
  • In similar situations, like being trapped below ice or in a claustrophobic room, you can use a brass knuckle to bust yourself out.  
  • For boxing champs, brass knuckles are a good training tool that helps with throwing stronger punches. 
  • Bikers also started using knuckle dusters as a way to protect their hands when riding motorcycles for a long while.
  • Nowadays one of the main reasons for their popularity is accessorizing. They are used as fashion accessories and car hood ornaments. Musicians, especially rappers, love to wear them with their ensembles. 
  • They are also a favored object for collection. Weapon collectors love brass knuckles and often use them as paperweights in their houses. The more diverse the collection, the more intrigue it adds to the interior.

Where to find quality real brass knuckles?

Just within the United States, brass knuckles are becoming increasingly popular, ironically due to popular culture. There are many iconic characters like Mr.T, as well as other notable rappers like Snoop Dogg who like to wear brass knuckles. Due to the influence of superstars and fashion enthusiasts they have become quite famous among the youth. Given their popularity, you can find them at swap meets, online weapon enthusiast pages and local weapon stores. 

Other than these options, the best place to look for real brass knuckles is on a notable brass knuckle website like PA Knives. These online retailers have amazing designs of brass knuckles that are also fully functional as weapons.  If you want to find versatile and durable brass knuckles, you will get more options online.

What are the Best Knuckle Dusters for Sale?

There are multiple online websites that sell brass knuckles. Depending on your taste and budget, you can find a whole lot of interesting brass knuckles. Here are some ideal brass knuckles, suitable to various needs:

  • 100 % Real Genuine Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener – starting from genuine utility and simplicity, this brass knuckle has an in-built bottle opener that’s ideal for parties and camping trips.
    Life or Death Antiqued Brass Knuckle Buckle Paperweight – Of course other than their simple structure, knuckle dusters are also well-known for their badass nature. This antiqued knuckle reserves the vibe of a warrior and looks threatening. This works as an interior decoration piece as well as a good weapon. It is available in gold, copper and silver colors.  
  • Life or Death Radioactive Splatter Knuckle Buckle – while there are plenty of antique-looking, classical brass knuckles you can get, this one is definitely for the knuckle freaks. The radioactive splatter combination is contrasting and playful. It is definitely a top-selling collectible brass knuckle that goes well with other quirky collectibles.  
  • Skull Wing Design Gold Self Defense – Now this is definitely an accessory for fashionable people. Not only does this brass knuckle work really well as a weapon but it is also the most aesthetically pleasing out of the bunch. It comes in gold, silver and black, and is light to wear, looks great as a collectible. This can also easily be disguised as a ring and used as a stealth weapon if needed.  

Easy on the Eyes, and the Wallet – Get Cheap Brass Knuckles

Even though there are many varieties of the simple brass knuckles, they are all quite handy. Whether you find them attractive as accessories or as self-defense weapons, they’re definitely formidable. But if you’re wondering whether their price is as heavy duty as their design; the answer’s no.

All the brass knuckles mentioned above are less than $8 apiece and some as cheap as only $2.55. Given that you can get a collectible weapon for that less is almost too good to be true. But if you know where to look, you will find high-quality brass knuckles made with the best materials.

 So even if you are not a big fan of them as accessories, they are definitely a game changer for personal defense. You can slip them in your pocket or purse and use them when you feel threatened. Be sure to find the knuckles that add to your personal appeal.


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