Install acoustic cleaner with air filters

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Have you ever visited any industry site?

You might have felt the dust and pollutants around the site. To reduce the number of impurities and pollutants, industries install the baghouses. The baghouse is made with multiple baghouses filters. There are many types of bag filters available in the market in the form of a fiberglass filter bag, Polyester Filter Cloth bag, etc.

Baghouse Filter

Installing a baghouse at an industrial site has become an essential part to maintain the air quality of surroundings. The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a few conditions regarding the pollution control that should be considered by every industry.

The industrial area air is not safe for humans as it may cause serious health problems related to the throat, nose, or lung. In industrial baghouses, there are three types of bag filters that are used that are shaker collector, Reverse Air Baghouse or reverse Jet Baghouse, etc.

  •  Shaker Collector

In such types of bag filters, a mechanical rod is equipped with bag filters, the powder dust is emptied with a rock at regular intervals. These filters are not suitable for excessive amounts of pollutants. Shaker collectors are smaller in size.

Try to equip the smart filter with the industrial baghouse. To increase the efficiency of shaker baghouse filters, one can swap the mechanical shaker with an acoustic cleaner as it can operate for a long time. Installing efficient baghouse filters will be best for the atmosphere and baghouse systems.

  • Reverse Air Bag House

It is another type of Cotton filter Paper and Air bag house, that is used by the industry’s baghouse owner. The reason to equip the reverse air baghouse filter is its size that is bigger from the shaker filters. 

These filters are designed in rounded and tube-shaped. Because of its shape, people have named it socks. These bag filters are enveloped with wire cages. It soaks and cleans the pollutant gas streams. These filters are perfect for long time uses.

As time passes, the dust cake can be formed outside the bag filters, in this situation it will reduce the air quality, existing inside the air filters. If the dust cake becomes rigid it can destroy the bag filter.

To handle this clogging situation, we can set up multiple rotational fans at the bottom of every air filter.

  • Reverse Jet filters

These filters are available in different sizes and are famous among the industrialists. These bag filters operated in low area space with high pressure. These filters are amazing in many ways, it cleaned the dust automatically from the baghouse filters. These are much efficient among all the filtration systems.  Because of its versatile feature, it has become the prior choice of industry owner. 

Every product and filter has a period of a cycle after that the speed of the mechanism gets affected and it becomes slow, it seems annoying. To eliminate this problem acoustic cleaner was introduced. An acoustic cleaner will be a great way to restore the efficiency of bag filters, extend the life of bag filters, and reduce no. of the operational cycle. 

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