SAT exam and practice tests for students

SAT means Standardized Aptitude Test and this test is conducted for undergraduate students who want to study further in any renowned universities of the world. Such universities access the SAT score of the students. This test is used to measure reading, mathematical, and writing skills of the students. This test consists of four sections and the student should attempt each section and score minimum points in each section. So, a student should join SAT coaching classes for sat practice test. The students can develop confidence if they practice the previous year’s question papers. 

About the SAT test

In US, more than 4000 colleges access the SAT score of the students. This paper is entirely paper-based and a student can score maximum 1600 marks in the test. But, only a good SAT score cannot ensure for admission in any university. The students should also fulfill other requirements of the universities. The students should attempt three sections in the examination. 

In Mathematics test, a student should attempt 58 questions and solve the paper in 80 minutes. A student should solve application –based trigonometry questions and some problems of linear equations. Then, a student should appear for the reading test and complete the section in 65 minutes. In the reading section, a student should attempt multiple meaning words, reading comprehension and complex structure vocabularies. A person should also appear for writing and language test. They should attempt 44 questions in 35 minutes. In this section, a student should also attempt an essay and complete it in 50 minutes. 

The students should appear for sat practice test conducted by the mentors and solve questions confidently. 

Classroom Training 

The students can undergo classroom training and attend 60-hour session conducted by the mentors. The mentors can conduct unlimited doubt-clearing session and provide comprehensive study materials that are developed through research for 25 years. A student can build speed and accuracy practicing the additional exercises in reading and writing. The mentor conducts 5 verbal sectional tests and the instructor provides topic-wise training of concepts. The mentors also conduct full-length training to build stamina and concentration and provide additional practices at home. So, the mentors conduct 7 tests and provide some practices at home. 

Private tutoring 

The students can also join the private tutoring classes to score higher in the examination. They conduct customized one-on one tutoring session.  They conduct 17 full-length SAT mock tests and provide exhaustive study materials through research. The mentors also conduct webinar programs and conduct performance analysis after the mock tests. They provide analytical dashboard to track the progress and detailed information about their strengths and weaknesses.  The students can appear for the sat practice test to learn the techniques of problem-solving

SAT Live classes 

They conduct many sessions for students to develop confidence and solve problems easily. They also conduct live tests and 25 home-based tests. The mentors conduct unlimited doubt-clearing sessions and conduct one-to-one test and provide detailed reviews of essay. The students can join webinars and join the foundation sessions test discussion, etc. 

The students can join online training programs and attend online discussions conducted by the expert mentors. They can also download some important features to improve their vocabulary and become experts in mathematical concepts. 

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